Plastic Tarpaulin/Plastic Sheets

Dimensions :

Width and length
Size / sheet 4.00 m x 6.00 m +- 1
Size / roll 4.00 m x 60.00 m +- 1
Specific sheet without bands weight 190 +- 20g under ISO 3801 (equivalent to 170 gsm min to 210 gsm max)
Complete sheet with bands weight Plain sheet specific weight plus 10% additional weight for reinforcement bands under ISO 3801
Total weight From 187 gsm min to 231 gsm max. Specific weight of bands from 150 gsm min to 200 gsm max.
Sheet / roll Woven HDPE black fibres fabric, double-side lamination with LDPE coating, reinforced with six bands of 75 mm width woven black HDPE fibres fabric and coated outside. Pre-punched 8 mm holes on the two side bands at 0.1 m +/-10% intervals, positioned in the centre of the bands (only the reinforcement bands are pre-punched, not the tarpaulin itself).
Tensile strength Min 500 N, 15-25% elongation in warp and weft in plain sheet under ISO 1421-1
UV resistance After 1500 hours UV under ASTM G53/94 (UVB 313 nm peak) minimum 80% of original value of the actual product and not less than 475 N
Reinforcement bands Min 700 N as per ISO 1421-1, pulling lengthwise in a prepunched 8 mm hole with a hook of 8 mm wire diameter, at 200 mm from the end of the band. UV resistance 80% of original value and not less than 665 N.
Welding Only one is allowed, lengthwise. The tarpaulin tensile strength crossways at the place of welding under ISO 1421-1 minimum 50% of original value and not less than 400 N
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