Reinforced Plastic Tarpaulin

Reinforced Plastic Tarp

Dimensions :

Width and length
Size / sheet 4.00 m x 5.00 m +- 1
Size / roll 4.00 m x 50.00 m +- 1
Sheet / roll 190 gsm ±20 g/m² woven Polyethylene (HDPE) inner black fibers, warp x weft, laminated on both sides with LDPE coating
Denier Min 1000
Tensile strength Min 600N both directions warp and weft (BS 2576, 50mm grab test or equivalent)
Tear strength Min 100N both directions (BS 4303 wing tear or equivalent) or under ISO 4674 (A2)
UV resistance Max 5% loss of original tensile strength under ISO 1421 after 1500 hours UV under ASTM G53/94 (UVB 313nm peak)
Welding Only 1 is allowed, lengthwise. Min resistance 80% of original tarpaulin tensile strength in the weft under ISO 1421 plus additional procedure
Eyelets Aluminum reinforcement eyelets or equivalent on 4 sheet sides of single sheets at 100cm (±5 cm) Centre to Centre, providing very strong fixation
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Key Features:

  • Reinforced plastic tarpaulin in 4 m x 5 m sheets or 4 m x 50 m rolls developed by international research project and designed for long outdoor use in all climates
  • Made of woven high density black polyethylene (HDPE) fibres, warp x weft, laminated on both sides with low density polyethylene (LDPE) coating
  • Highly recommended for family shelter protection